Experience the wild with black bears

Kamloops is home to a healthy population of black bears, which can often be seen foraging for food in the forests and grasslands surrounding the city. Black bears are the most common species of bear found in British Columbia, and are known for their distinctive black fur.

In the spring and early summer, bears in Kamloops emerge from their dens after hibernating through the winter months. They are often seen foraging for food, particularly in areas where there are fruit trees or berry bushes. It’s important to remember that bears have an excellent sense of smell, and can easily be attracted to human food and garbage. To prevent conflicts with bears, it’s important to properly store food and garbage in bear-proof containers, and to avoid feeding or approaching wild bears.

Black Bears are also visible around the region from spring to fall, while spotting a bear can be awesome experience but be bear smart and do not feed them or leave garbage out when you are camping. If you want to view a black bear in safe capacity do visit the BC wildlife park which is home to 4 black bears.
Black Bear by Alex Dugquem

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