Animals to look out for !!

Kamloops is located in British Columbia, Canada and is home to a variety of wildlife. Here are some animals that you might be able to spot in and around Kamloops:

  1. Black Bears: Black bears are common in the Kamloops area, particularly in the spring and summer months. They can often be found foraging for food in the forested areas surrounding the city.
  2. Cougars: Cougars are also found in the Kamloops area, although they are more elusive and harder to spot than black bears. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings if you’re hiking in the area, and to make noise to avoid surprising a cougar.
  3. Moose: Moose can sometimes be spotted in the Kamloops area, particularly in wetland areas. They are most active in the early morning and late evening.
  4. Deer: White-tailed deer and mule deer are both common in the Kamloops area. They can often be seen grazing in fields and along the sides of roads.
  5. Coyotes: Coyotes are found throughout Kamloops, particularly in the more rural areas surrounding the city. They are most active at dawn and dusk.
  6. Birds: Kamloops is home to a variety of bird species, including bald eagles, ospreys, and great blue herons. The BC Wildlife Park in Kamloops is also home to a large bird of prey exhibit.
  7. Fish: Kamloops is located near several rivers and lakes, making it a popular destination for fishing. Rainbow trout, steelhead, and salmon are all found in the area.

Remember, if you do encounter wildlife in Kamloops, it’s important to respect their space and keep a safe distance. Do not feed or approach wild animals, as this can be dangerous for both the animal and yourself.

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